Formatting of Documentation

Red Pen, Inc., Technical Writers and Technical Editors have many years of experience in the writing, editing, and publication of corporate, business, and Department of Defense documents.

Our formats provide clarity and easy to follow lines and graphics. We know and follow DoD standards for Directives and Instructions and can provide formats for your company or agency, if you have not yet selected a standard.

We are familiar with DoD Standards published in DoD-STD-7935A and DoD-STD-2167A, and we also recognize and follow the new MIL-STD-498 guidance where appropriate and requested.

We provide professional assistance in the preparation and editing of proposals. We can assist your team with the development of story boards, outlines, drafts, and final proposals to assist you in meeting time sensitive goals and timely completion of well-presented ideas in formats designed to make reading your proposal a privilege.

Last Update: 11/18/97
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